Out of print copies of “Le Pli”

In 2016 at La Rochelle, the administrative committee of MFPP decided to make available to its members the out of print copies of “Le Pli” numerically (namely, PDFs).
This operation takes some time, but some magazines are readily available :

We hope that you will have a pleasant reading of those old publications which show that some topics are still up-to-date and that provide great details on the past.

The other issues that are still available can be ordered for 2.50 € each, or 100.00 € for a batch of (approximatively) 50 copies.

Rhino Dollar$

Tuesday, October 16 at 20:30 on ARTE do not miss the broadcast of the documentary « Rhino Dollar$ » a film by Olivia Mokiejewski told by Gerard Darmon.
In early June we were contacted by TV-Presse to participate in the documentary credits to fold a John Montroll rhinoceros in a dollar.
We obviously did not hesitate a second, and for the occasion Naomiki lent his hands for the realization of the folding.
For having seen it in preview, I am proud that the MFPP took part in this project and I hope that our humble participation will make its stone to the safeguard of Rhinoceros.
I can not find the words, but everything is in this documentary. For a long time I think that the MFPP should engage in projects of this type, that is done, however everything remains to be done and I am convinced that we could do more.

More informations on ARTE.

Jean-Jacques Delalandre
President of the MFPP

Du nouveau rue Coriolis !


Nous sommes particulièrement heureux de vous annoncer qu’à partir de la prochaine rentrée, nous vous proposons un atelier en semaine animé par Chantal Prestat et Martine Huguet.

L’objectif de cet atelier du jeudi est d’ouvrir nos activités à de nouveaux adhérents et de permettre au plus grand nombre d’accéder aux animations de l’association.


Décès de Francis Ow

The hearts” specialist, Francis Ow passed away on June 29th 2018 after a long struggle against cancer.
You can read or leave an homage there :


In its great kindness, Francis freely gave his booklet “More Origami Hearts 4U”. It is a collection of his origami heart’s models by Francis and “Heart Box” designed by Edwin Corrie. This booklet is a PDF that can only be downloaded from this website.

Disclaimer : You are free to teach any of those models without asking for permission, but any other usage (including the diffusion of individual diagrams) have to come from an agreement with Nick Robinson who is in charge of these questions.