Why become member ?

Get in touch with paper folding enthusiasts, from the simple curious to the most passionate.

Participate in meetings at the association’s Parisian local or in Toulouse, local, national and international meetings.

Take part in the realization of collective projects : exhibitions, animations …

Participate in online folding workshops (two per month currently)

Receive the quarterly magazine Le Pli, with diagrams, reports, tips and informations on the world of origami.

Access the library, which contains nearly 1000 books on origami and papeterigami with a large choice of books and paper, accessible to members of the association, in our Parisian office or by mail.

How to join ?

If you are already a member, do not use this form, go to your member area to pay your membership fee or send us an email ! 

To join the association, you must fill out a form and pay an annual subscription.

  • Full membership (45 €)
  • Simple membership without Magazine (30 €)
  • Benefactor member membership (90 €)

The form is accessible here : https://admin.mfpp.fr/public/members/adhesion.php?lang=en.

Payment is made by paypal at the end of the form, or by bank transfer. Information concerning the methods of payment is sent to you by email after validation of the form – this may take a few minutes and check your spam folder. If you do not receive an email, contact us at the association’s address.

A membership is valid for the current period from January to December (calendar year). For the first membership taken from September 1 of the year, the validity period is extended until the end of the year of the following year. Members (full membership) paying their subscription during the year receive the magazines already published for the current year subject to stock availability. In the event of a shortage, they can be downloaded in PDF format from their member area.