The Mouvement français des plieurs de papier (MFPP) was founded by Jean-Claude Correia in 1978 as a non-profit organization. It promotes origami as a hobby, an artistic expression or a historical and research object. Its members are folders of all levels, from curiouses to experts.

Creating strong links with other local and foreign associations since its origin, the MFPP is part of a network of enthusiasts around the world. It organizes each year a meeting which allows folders to gather and meet creators from different backgrounds.

The documentary fund accumulated over time constitutes a singular memory of the practice of origami. The association undertakes a work of cataloging and digitization allowing a better distribution to its members.

Its Parisian premises can welcome members every week and give them access to a folding space and a specialized library.

The MFPP publishes Le Pli, a quarterly bulletin with more than 150 issues available online. It consists of feature articles, diagrams and news from the world of origami. It also allowed creators to publish their models in collections.

A digital space allows its members to participate in video workshops and access documents and video content.