The Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier (French Movement for Paper Folders – MFPP) is a non-profit organisation, governed by the French law from July 1st, 1901 and the decree from August 16th, 1901.

The purpose of the association is to develop creativity, expression and communication through the practice of paper folding.

It was founded by Jean-Claude Correia in 1978.

The MFPP has been publishing Le Pli since 1979.

The MFPP’s headquarters settled at 56 rue Coriolis, Paris in 1984. The premises still give shelter to the Orithèque (lending library to members) and the regular Saturday afternoon folding sessions.

Since 1990, an annual international paperfolders” gathering is organised, called « Rencontres de Mai ». It takes place over 4 days during the public holiday of Ascension, from the Thursday to the following Sunday, and brings together folders from France and the whole world around prestigious guests.

Aside from this customary meeting, the members of the association organise here and there folding sessions and exhibitions. They offer workshops at fairs, associations meetings etc.

Since its founding, when it got support from established organisations such as the British Origami Society (BOS) or the Centro Diffusione Origami (CDO), the MFPP has kept close relations with the paper folders” associations in Europe and the rest of the world.

To reach the goals that impelled its creation, the MFPP endeavours to bring folders together around values such as sharing, exchange, free of charge and friendship. This implies respect and acknowledgement of the creators” rights (read our text on the subject).