Online registrations are closed and the gauge is almost full. You can contact us by email or telephone to check if there is a place left.

We will be happy to meet you during this moment of sharing around origami !

The registration begin on 17th July. You can buy your passport on the association’s online store. There places available are limited, register soon ! If you are already a member, remember to log in the website before ordering, the cost of the membership will be automatically deducted from the price of the package.


  • Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM
PackageMember rateNew member rate (memberhip until 2024-12-31 included)
1 or 2 days30 €60 – 75 €


What is our convention ?

These are the second annual convention of the Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier (the oldest French Origami Association).

Two days of workshops, conferences, collective foldings and animations. This is an opportunity to meet other folders, to exhibit your own foldings and to share around our common passion and to learn or to teach foldings and techniques.

You can access the papeterigami (the association’s shop) to buy paper and books.

Meals are not included but easy to find around the meeting place.

You can join us for one or more days depending on your availability.

Who can participate ?

The convention is limited to the members of the association. However, you can take your membership (counting for 2024) along with your passport and thus benefit from all that the association offers to its members.

Underage participants must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Where does it take place ?

In Paris, in the 12th arrondissement, in the parish halls of Saint-Antoine des Quinze-Vingt, near the Gare de Lyon. A location easy to find and close to all amenities.

How to register ?

Go to the store and select your passport. Registration for the convention includes membership fees. If you are already a member, please log in on the website with your member account, the amount of the membership will be deducted.

The payment of the meetings is made by Paypal, wire transfer or check at the time of registration.

How much does it cost ?

The prices displayed on the site include membership of the association (45€ for membership until 31/12/2024).

PackageMember rateNew member rate (memberhip until 2024-12-31 included)
1 or 2 days30 €60 – 75 €

What do the packages include ?

The packages include access to the meeting place, access in the proposed workshops, and a participant welcome kit. They offer the possibility of teaching or exhibiting your work during the convention. They also include the standard papers necessary for the workshops in which you participate (you are free to use others according to the advice of the presenters). They do not include meals, accommodation or transportation.

Terms of cancellation

The period is complicated and it is possible that the event will be cancelled or your participation compromised. If the association is forced to cancel the event, you will be fully refunded for your package (if you have joined for the occasion, membership remains with the association and you will continue to benefit from online services and your subscription). If you have to cancel up to 7 days before the start of the event, the association will refund your package, minus the costs associated with the payment (if you paid by paypal).

Come accompanied ?

You can come accompanied by your spouse or a member of your family. If the person participates in the workshops, you must buy a passport as for you. If the person is not a member, they do not need to join.

Where to stay ? Where to eat ?

Accommodation and meals are not included in the passport. The 12th arrondissement of Paris is rich in accommodation and catering solutions available for every budget. Nevertheless, the Ascension is a period that can be quite busy, do not delay to book accommodation on one of the usual platforms. You can contact us if necessary, some members can offer beds for the occasion.

How to exhibit ?

Considering the space left for the exhibition part, you can display only one model of your own. Time to reveal the last fold you’re proud of !

How to teach ?

Once registered, you will receive regular news about the organization of the meetings. You can fill out a form or send us the list of workshops you want to offer.

Do I have the level ?

Convention is a good time to improve its practice of origami. The difficulty of the workshops will be indicated on the schedule. For folding beginners, the level can often be a bit too high, but it may be a challenge.

What is the program ?

The program is designed according to the participants. Also, an evolving schedule will be put in place in November. But every day there will be workshops and interesting encounters !

Are there any guests ?

No guest for the autumn meeting, but you will meet a lot of enthusiastic folders.

I have another question !

Send us an email at, we will answer you and possibly add details to this FAQ !