The 2024 Spring Meetings will take place from April 12 to 14 in Dijon at 9Bis (9 bis Boulevard Voltaire, 21000 Dijon), a 10-minute walk from downtown Dijon, in two large welcoming rooms.

Among this year’s guests, we will count Tetsuya Gotani and Jannie van Schuylenburg.

We will be happy to see you during this moment of sharing around origami ! Come take part in workshops, attend presentations, meet other folders and discover techniques in a friendly and warm atmosphere !

Registrations are open ! go to our online store. Members, remember to log in to your member area to access member prices.

(Cover image : Cherry Blossoms by Akiko Yamanashi)

What are the Folding Meetings in our association ? Find your answers on the Meetings presentation page.

The guests

We will have the pleasure of welcoming Tetsuya Gotani and Jannie van Schuylenburg

Tetsuya Gotani

Japanese artist, living in Clermont-Ferrand, internationally recognized for his complex original origami works. Tetsuya has been requested on numerous occasions for exhibitions in France and around the world by Franco-Japanese public organizations and museums. His diagrams appeared in Origami books in several countries. He is the author of several books, including “ORIGAMIX – Theory&Challenges”, published in 2019, that is about folding design.

Jannie van Schuylenburg

I’m Jannie van Schuylenburg and living the Netherlands. I’m married, have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I love many different handcrafts, but Origami is my ‘first love’. About 6 years old I was folding with my aunt and so started the love for paper and origami. In 1993 I became an origami teacher what I love to do. With the online possibilities nowadays I’m asked often to give zoom workshops all over the world. Over the years several books with my designs are published in The Netherlands, Germany and England. You can also find on my YouTube channel videos of my designs.

I love boxes, kusudama’s, flowers and practical models. I’m now working on a book with my new designs.

Happy folding and hope to see you soon.

The place

9bis is the conference center of the diocesan house of Dijon. 20 minutes by transport from the station, 10 minutes on foot from the city center, the place has parking and many car spaces are available in the surrounding streets. The Meetings will take place in two large rooms on the ground floor, with access to a wooded park.


The association does not manage accommodation for this meeting. Dijon offers a fairly large hotel offering that will allow you to find the room that suits you. Remember to book early even if the season is not the most touristy.


For lunches, the association will organize a meal tray service (to be ordered before the event, information later).

A festive meal will be offered on Saturday evening. Friday evening will be left free (subject to a tourist visit to the city), but we can meet in small groups for dinner in the city.

How to register ?

Go to the store and select the 1, 2, 3 day package, indicating the days chosen. If you are not yet a member of the association, registration for the Meetings will include the contribution for the year 2024. If you are already a member, identify yourself on the site, the amount of the contribution will be deducted.

Payment for meetings is made by Paypal, transfer or check at the time of registration.

How much does it cost ?

The prices displayed on the site include membership to the association (€30 or €45 for membership until 12/31/2024).

Packagemember rateNew member rate (memberhip until 2024-12-31 included)
1 day55 €85/100 €
2 days70 €100/115 €
3 days80 €110/125 €

What do the packages include ?

Packages include access to the meeting location and participation in the workshops offered and a participant welcome kit. They offer the opportunity to teach or exhibit your work during meetings. They also include all the papers necessary for the workshops in which you participate (you are free to use others depending on the advice of the teachers). They do not include meals, accommodation or transportation.

Terms of cancelation

If you have to cancel up to 15 days before the start of the event, the association will refund your package less the association contribution and the costs associated with the payment (if you paid by Paypal).

Come accompanied ?

If you are a minor under 16 years old, you must come accompanied by a responsible adult. If the person participates in the workshops, they will have to purchase a package as for you, otherwise an accompanying pass is sufficient. If the person is not a member, they do not need to join.

If you have a disability and need a companion, they only need a companion pass.

How to exhibit ?

A table space approximately 40cm wide will be reserved for you if you have registered as an exhibitor. If you have specific needs (wall hanging, etc.), contact us so that we can find the most suitable solution.

Whether you are a designer or not, it is important to reference the folds displayed with the name of the folder and the name of the creator. You can prepare your labels in advance to specify all the references of the folds presented (folder, author etc.), or find papers on site to make them.

This is not an exhibition-sale.

How to teach ?

If you register as a teacher, we will contact you with details. Have you ever taught a group of folders at meetings ? This is the opportunity to get started in front of a caring group ! We can give you advice and help you prepare your sequence.
What is the program ?

The program is built according to the participants. Also, an evolving schedule will be presented two weeks before the meetings. But every day there will be workshops and interesting meetings !

I have another question !

Send us an email to, we will answer you and possibly add details to this FAQ !