The MFPP, with the partnership of Atelier Origami, Villeneuve-des-Salines community centre, is organising a collaborative exhibit open to all folders on the theme of « The sea, its fauna and flora, its legends, its voyagers », that will take place during the Rencontres de Mai 2015 in La Rochelle.

Participation rules

  1. Participation to the exhibition is open to all paper folders, creators and/or interpreters.
  2. Application for entry should be submitted before 30th Avril 2015.
  3. Entries must be relevant to the general theme The sea, its fauna and flora, its legends, its voyagers. We are suggesting below a non-exhaustive list of topics in order to prepare the final installation in La Rochelle : 
    • Submarine world : (sea animals, sea vegetation, wrecks and treasures, industrial plants, submarine vessels, scientific research, etc…)
    • Above the surface : (ships, birds, sun, winds and storms, etc…)
    • Stories and tales : true accounts and fiction : (Alain Bombard and his solitary crossing, Ulysses captivated by the mermaids” chant, oil slicks, olden days and modern pirates, etc…)
  4. In order to make the setting up of the exhibition easier, participants are invited to declare the subject of their choice (presented in the previous list or not) by fillig out the entry form.
  5. The subjects announced will be published on the MFPP’s Internet pages, allowing everyone to follow the evolution of the project until May.
  6. Our partner, the francophone origami discussion forum Pliage de, will host the collaborative search for subjects and emulation for the creation of models (some English can also spoken).
  7. Participants to the MFPP’s Rencontres will hand in their model(s) at the time of check-in on site. The other submitted models will be sent by post sufficiently early for them to arrive before 10th May to :
    Centre Social de Villeneuve les Salines
    À l’attention de l’Atelier d’Origami,
    Place du 14 Juillet
    17000 La Rochelle
  8. Models must be labelled with title and authors” name (creator and folder).
  9. Photos of the exhibition will be published on the MFPP’s Internet pages and online social networks.
  10. During the Rencontres, a jury will select the 10 best contributions to this collaborative themed exhibition.
  11. Participants to the Rencontres will be free to retrieve their models from Sunday morning. Models sent by post will be donated to the Atelier Origami, Centre social de Villeneuve-des-Salines.

Entry form

Please fill out this form to validate your entry to the themed collaborative exhibition. We will send you per e‑mail the details necessary for the organisation.