There are no more rooms available at the Youth Hostel. You may still register for the Rencontres, knowing this will be without on-location accommodation or meals.
There are hotels and restaurants nearby (see below).

Our annual 2015 gathering is organised in partnership with Atelier Origami at centre social of Villeneuve-des-Salines (the local community centre), and will be held at the Youth Hostel of La Rochelle , 14th to 17th May. The special guests will be Christiane Bettens, Bernie Beyton and Lucien Derainne..

Special guests

Christiane Bettens, a.k.a. Mélisande*

I have been folding paper for about 12 years. I tend to like non-figurative and geometrical shapes. I have been experimenting in the field of tessellations, and created numerous quilts. Designing boxes remains my favourite activity. I like them to be elegant, practical, with a coherent folding sequence. Sheer curiosity drives me to adapt square models to other types of paper shape (polygons, circles). As for what inspires me, I only have to open my eyes : from the floor tiling in churches to the ceilings in mosques, not forgetting the flowers in my garden, geometrical pattern are ubiquitous.

Bernie Peyton

My fellow paper-folders say they like the natural-looking attitude I give my paper figures. The years I spent, as a biologist, studying and observing wild animals, have probably helped me here. I have recently started to design models that are simple to teach to patients of the Children’s Hospital, Oakland CA, and I have been busy acting as a curator for an exhibition on the art of origami in Taïwan with Saadya Sternberg. You can see some of my work on :

Bernie Peyton has gathered some animal models in the book Eco-Origami.

Lucien Derainne, a.k.a. Kaze

I’m interested in origami for the constraints it brings. Even though I have been folding for over 8 years, each time I see a folded model, I can’t help but think : « this cannot really be made from a single sheet, and without any cut !». When I design, I try to adhere to the traditional techniques and finish that express these constraints. At the same time, I like to foil them with less classic ideas : justifying the starting format/shape, adding asymmetry, addressing personal topics… Most of my models can be seen on the francophone origami forum.


Registrations to the Rencontres 2015 will be dealt with in order of receipt.

To register, you can fill out the online registration form or download the .pdf form below, fill it out and send it any way you choose. It is, however, essential to send your submission without delay for your request to be taken into account in time. There are no more rooms available at the Youth Hostel. You may still register for the Rencontres, knowing this will be without on-location accommodation or meals.
There are hotels and restaurants nearby (see below). You will receive by e‑mail a message acknowledging receipt of your registration.

Do not send any payment with your registration. As soon as we receive it, we will send you a confirmation message showing the total amount to be paid in order to validate your registration to the Rencontres and your reservation at the Youth Hostel. All meals can be taken at the Youth Hostel, however the number of rooms is limited.

Please do not book directly at the Youth Hostel. You may, on the other hand, book directly and independently yourself at the nearby hotel of your choice.

Costs are calculated as follow :

Registration 1day35 €
Registration 2 days50 €
Registration 3 days60 €
Registration 4 Days65 €
Non member add20 €
Night Single room33,22 €
Night double room22,72 €
Meals (lunch or dinner – except Gala dinner)11 €
Gala dinner (saturday evening)20 €

Models booklet

If you wish to submit a diagram to be published in the 2015 booklet, please submit before April 15th to :

Thematic Exhibition

In addition to the traditional participants folding exhibition, we are organizing a collaborative exhibition on the theme of « The sea, its fauna and flora, its legends, its travelers. » Everyone participating in the meetings or not, can register to participate until 30 April. The settlement and the registration form can be found on separate article.


We will be housed at the Youth Hostel (Auberge de Jeunesse), avenue des Minimes, near the marina.

Meals and some accommodation are catered for on the spot ; these must be booked through the MFPP at the same time as your registration to the Rencontres.

How to arrive

  • By car : We will send you a detailed map with the acknowledgement of receipt. A large, free of charge, car park lies directly opposite the Youth Hostel.
  • By train : Arriving at La Rochelle station, which is located about 1.5 km from the youth Hostel, with city bus service connecting.
  • By plane : Nearest airport : La Rochelle. A bus line connects to the city.
  • City bus service : We will send you all detailed information about city buses in La Rochelle to make your moving about the place easier.


La Rochelle is a favourite tourist attraction, so do not delay in securing a room near the location of the Rencontres. All the more so as that same weekend will see other events, including a major gathering of vintage Citroën 2CV.

All rooms are equipped with bunk beds (2,4…). There are only 10 rooms available for 1 person only ; the remaining ones will be shared. Reservation must be made through the MFPP at the same time as your registration to Les Rencontres.

List of hotels nearby

Please book directly with the hotel of your choice.

Link towards all you need to know about accommodation in La Rochelle (in French) :

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