The 2016 Rencontres will be held from May 5th to May 8th at the Foyer Carrefour in Metz, at only 1½ hour from Paris by fast train and close to Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our guests are Fernando Gilgado Gomez, Francesco Mancini, and Naomiki Sato.

Special guests

Fernando Gilgado Gomez

Origami has been part of my life since I was a kid, and I am still amazed by the treasures hidden in a square of paper. My technique is characterized by the use of color change. I like to create dinosaurs, monsters, cartoon models or anything else that makes people smile. I hope to see you at the next meeting and have a good time around a square of paper.

Francesco Mancini

I discovered origami a dozen years ago, in a restaurant. One of my friends showed me, and then taught me, Samuel Randlett’s flapping bird. I already knew the boat, the plane and other traditional models, but this one intrigued me and pushed me to learn more about this art and its possibilities. I love modular origami, but I also love folding simple action models. Since a few years I started designing my own models and I recently published a booklet of diagrams. At the beginning I was a lonely folder, then I joined the Centro Diffusione Origami as well as a group of local folders and I started attending annual conventions. I love teaching origami and I am lucky to be able to do so, mostly to children, at the Museum for Mathematics in Firenze, where we propose origami as a pedagogical means.

Naomiki Sato

Born in Japan, but living in France since twenty years, Naomiki is teaching origami workshops at various occasions. Since five years, he is the expert of pentagonal roses and he created numerous variants. Vice-president of the Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier until 2015, he actively contributed to promote origami. Naomiki published last year a book devoted to all of his roses.


Registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis. To register, use the on-line form or download the PDF paper form. Early registration is the only way to secure your participation at the Rencontres. Your registration will be confirmed by e‑mail. Do not pay anything when registering. You will receive a confirmation indicating the amount to be paid in order to validate your registration at the Rencontres and your reservation at the Foyer Carrefour, if any. All the meals can be booked at the Foyer Carrefour, but the number of available rooms is limited. Do not book directly at the Foyer Carrefour, since all the rooms are reserved by the convention organizing committee – so use the registration form for that. In turn, you can freely book your accommodation at nearby hotels, by contacting them directly.

The convention costs are calculated as follows. The accommodation costs are different for a room with common toilets / private toilets :

No more 1‑bed nor 2‑beds room available !

Registration 1day35 €
Registration 2 days50 €
Registration 3 days60 €
Registration 4 Days65 €
Non member add20 €
Night Single room25,40 € / 30,50 €
Night double room21,40 € / 25,40 €
Room 3, 4 or 6 beds19 €
Meals (lunch or dinner – except Gala dinner)10,40 €
Gala dinner (saturday evening)19,90 €

Convention book

You are invited to send your diagrams for publication in the convention book by e‑mail to, but no later than April 1st. The diagrams will be printed in grayscale. The PDF format is strongly recommended.

Thematic exposition

Along with the classical exposition of participants’ folds, a collective exhibit is organized on the theme of “The Herbarium”, as a tribute to Jean-Marie Pelt, founder of the European Ecology Institute and a famous figure of Metz, who went missing last year. Anyone, convention attendant or not, can register to participate until April 15th.

The contributions to the exhibit should be a page of herbarium, real or imaginary, mounted on a 24 x 32 cm format for wall hanging. Both original designs and interpretations are welcome (on the back, list the authors’ names). You can send your contribution by surface mail ; it should arrive before May 1st at :
Aurèle Duda, Rencontres de mai 2016 — 11 rue de Jouy — 57160 Moulins-lès-Metz — France.
The mailed contributions will not be returned.


The 2016 Rencontres are held at Foyer Carrefour, rue Marchant, in medieval Metz, just a few steps from the city centre. Meals and a part of the accommodation are proposed on site. These must be booked with the MFPP in the same time as the convention registration.

How to get there

  • By car. A detailed map will be sent with the registration confirmation. A few parking places are available on site, and several parking solutions will be suggested in the neighborhood.
  • By train. Arrival at Metz-Ville station. Regular busses can take you at the Foyer Carrefour, located at 1.5 km.
  • By plane. Closest airport is Metz-Nancy-Lorraine ; a bus shuttle will bring you to the Metz train station. Alternative airports are Paris Charles de Gaulle (connection by fast train) or Luxembourg (taxi).
  • Local busses. Along with the registration confirmation, you will receive information concerning the local bus network (Le Met’).



The Foyer Carrefour offers rooms with 1, 2, 3 and 4 one-person beds. Fifteen rooms (36 beds) are available for the convention, some with attached toilets and some with common ones. These must be booked with the MFPP at the time of registration and will be treated on a first-come-first-served basis.

List of nearby hotels

For accommodations outside Foyer Carrefour, you have to book directly at the hotel of your choice. Below is a selection of nearby hotels. Other accommodation offers can be found through the regular channels – please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

  • Hôtel Ibis Metz Centre Cathédrale, 47 rue Chambière Quartier Pontiffroy 57000 Metz, +(33)3 87 31 01 73.
    At 0,45 km from the convention location (6 minutes walk or 4 minutes by car).
  • Metz Youth Hostel, 1 allée de Metz-Plage, 57000 METZ, +(33)3 87 30 44 02.
    At 1.4 km from the convention location (19 minutes walk or 6 minutes by car).
  • Hôtel de la cathédrale, 25 Place de Chambre, 57000 Metz, +(33)3 87 75 00 02.
    At 0.9 km from the convention location (8 minutes walk or 4 minutes by car).
  • Camping municipal de Metz, Allée de Metz-Plage 57000 Metz, off-season : +(33)3 87 55 56 16 ; regular season : +(33)3 87 68 26 48.
    At 1.4 km from the convention location (19 minutes walk or 6 minutes by car).
  • Hôtel du Centre, 14 rue Dupont des Loges 57000 Metz, +(33)3 87 36 06 93
    At 0.8 km from the convention location (10 minutes walk or 6 minutes by car).
  • Hôtel Moderne, 1 rue Lafayette 57000 Metz, +(33)3 87 66 57 33.
    At 1.8 km from the convention location (22 minutes walk or 6 minutes by car).

The Registration form in pdf is downloadable.