You can join us using the following form or its paper version before April 27th, 2018.

If you are a member of the Association, connect on the website to complete the form and benefit from other features.

Within a few days following your booking you will be notified by e‑mail indicating the exact amount to be settled to validate your booking.

For any question, please contact

The fees are as follows :

Registration 1 day50 €
Registration 2 days65 €
Registration 3 days75 €
Registration 4 Days80 €
MFPP Member Discount (before 2018/03/21)-20 €
Late subscription fee (2018/03/21-/2018/04/13)10 €
Late subscription fee (2018/04/14 – 2018/04/27)20 €
Festive Diner (saturday)20 €

the fields mark by are mandatory.

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