On the occasion of the MFPP's "Rencontres de Mai 2014" that will be taking place at the heart of Alsace in the village Trois-Epis, we organize a folding- contest themed on this picturesque region :
Creation of a model relating to the Alsace region : its fauna, its flora, its specialties, its architecture...

It is up to you to document yourself and let Alsace's particularities inspire you.


Here are a few examples among the most-widely known images :

You may resort to any folding technique, in addition a diagram (CP or photo-diagram) will be well appreciated (and published).

In order to take part, the models will have to be exhibited in Trois-Épis during the "Rencontres de Mai 2014" convention. Prizes will be awarded on may 31st 2014.

In the event you cannot come in person in Trois-Épis to the convention, you can still take part and send your model together with the entry form through the post to the following address :

Josiane Ferraretto
14 rue de la Synagogue

During the months of April and May, Alsace is also the theme for the Creation Challenge on the French-speaking Origami forum pliagedepapier.com. You may participate in this challenge, or enter the MFPP's Contest, or even take part in both. So don't hesitate and let "Inspiration find you"...

Download the Entry Form here.