• Angoulême 2012 : portraits de Joseph Wu, Felipe Moreno, Jozsef Zsebe, Lydia Diard
  • Angoulême : Rencontres de Mai millésime 2012 de Cécile Geniez, Sandry Andrianivosolo, Elisabeth Devos.
  • Exposition "Eric Joisel" et Rencontres de Mai à Angoulême d'Alain Joisel
  • Le challenge de création sur le Forum francophone d'origami de François Verdier
  • Un siècle d'origami en Amérique-latine de Taki Girard
  • L'histoire de la création de la Société Hongroise d'origami de Susanna Kricskovics (traduction de Judit Barta)
  • L'utilisation des polysaccharides dans l'origami d'Eric Madrigal (traduction de Taki Girard)
  • Dans les petits papiers du plieur de Jean-Michel Lucas
  • Rencontre avec Erik Orsenna d'Alain Georgeot
  • Sur la route du papier critique du livre d'Erik Orsenna d'Aurèle Duda
  • Monsieur Dogson pliait aussi d'Elisabeth Devos et Michel Grand (Lewis Caroll et l'origami)


  • Jersey sport de Joseph Wu
  • CP1051 de Lydia Diard (CP)
  • Pélican de Jozsef Zsebe
  • Canardollar d'Alain Georgeot
  • Labyrinthe d'Aurèle Duda
  • Rose blanche du Val d'Aran d'Adrien Boussicault


  • Chocogami, a sweet tradition par Andrés Sánchez
  • A Tribute to Éric Joisel par Román Diaz

Editorial: On the origami road

At the Museum, at the French Academy, at the cinema...

First of all, a piece of good news : Origami has just mad e its debut in a French National Museum. The exhibition entitled "Eric Joisel, the Magician of origami" opened at the Paper Museum in Angouleme, France on May 16th 2012. This event is getting the success we didn't dare hope for : 5000 visitors the first month, and has been well covered by local and national press. This is a fair reward for the grand job done by Alain Joisel Eric's brother (who joined the MFPP this year!), Yves Clavel who designed the beautiful exhibition catalogue, Naomiki Sato and Jorge Pardo who assisted stage designer Jean-Marie Debaud in this superb work. The exhibition brings together pieces from private French and Spanish collectors.

Last February, Erik Orsenna, French author from the Académie Française, dedicated a few pages from his latest book "Sur la route du papier" [On the Paper Road] to paper folding and the MFPP.

Also, in Bruno Podalydès latest movie "Adieu Berthe" released in June, a Kusudama especially folded for the occasion by Claudine Pisasale is to be seen in the credit titles.

Finally, in its 146th issue (May-June 2012), Tangente, a mathematics magazine, presents a very well documented 18-page report on paper folding. Is origami suddenly becoming trendy?

From Angoulême to Europe

Indeed, a new breeze was blowing in Angoulême, where Jean-Francis Dupoirier, following an initial idea by Patrice Reytier, organized our "Rencontres de Mai" in parallel with the Joisel exhibition. He received the precious collaboration of the group of folders from La Rochelle in this venture.

Felipe Moreno announced the creation of the first European Origami Museum (where the Joisel exhibition will next be housed). A first meeting between the European origami organizations will be held during spring 2013 in order to work out mutual projects.

From Virtuality to Reality

We have begun, in France, to set the foundations of a new dialogue between Ancients and Moderns, that is to say the older and the younger generations of paper folders! On what terms will it be possible to find harmony between these two spatiotemporal dimensions mainly alien to one another? On the one side, the French Origami Forum [], this virtual space for spontaneous and hasty exchanges, that swarms with all sorts of ideas in a chaos from which springs life itself. On the other side, the MFPP, an institutional structure slightly out of breath after 30 years of existence, guardian of the invaluable resources to the folders' culture and education : the Orithèque; and capable of leading quality editorial projects and long-term coherent action.

In this double issue of Le Pli, a "Canardollar", among Alain Georgeot's numerous creations, rubs shoulders with the "Rose du Val d'Aran", the very first publication of a young French origami talent Adrien Boussicault. The dialog is starting...

Global origami

You will travel through history and Latin America with Taki Girard, or through the heroic times of the foundation of the Hungarian origami association following Susanna Kricskovics' memories translated by Judit Barta, or still, you will visit Lewis Carroll's literary worlds as you read the study of Elisabeth Devos. The survey "Who can do what at the MFPP?" has been quite well received so far, and will continue to circulate a little while longer. Already, you are about to discover a few new signatures in the following pages.

I wish you all a good summer!

Viviane Berty.