Each year, the MFPP's convention, called "Rencontres de Mai", bring together members of the French and paper folders from all aver the world during 4 days dedicated to discovery and exchange. Experts mix with beginners and amateurs of all levels and taste. Prestigious guests come to teach their technique and anyone can exhibit her/his best pieces.

You do not need to be a member of the MFPP to take part in the Rencontres de mai. To register for the next gathering you may either register on this website and follow the registration process, or print and fill out a paper form that you send to the association. Address is on the Contact page.

The next Rencontres de mai will take place in Blois  from 25th to 28th May 2017.

Past gatherings

2017/05/25-28BloisEdwin Corrie
Sébastien Limet
Jeremy Shafer
2016/05/5-8MetzFernando Gilgado
Francesco Mancini
Naomiki Sato
2015/05/14-17La RochelleChristiane Bettens (Mélisande*)
Bernie Peyton
Lucien Derainne (Kaze)
2014/05/29-06/01Colmar - Trois ÉpisCarmen Sprung
Joan Sallas
Juan Gimeno
Michel Grand
2013/05/09-12DijonTomoko Fuse
Quyết Hoàng Tiến
Aurèle Duda
2012/05/17-20AngoulêmeJoseph Wu
József Zsebe
Lydia Diard
Felipe Moreno
2011/05/02-06Toulouse (Rangueil)Giang Dinh
Manuel Sirgo
2010/05/13-16CarcassonneSipho Mabona
Javier Caboblanco
Vincent Floderer
Victor Cœurjoly
2009/05/21-24Paris 15e (ASIEM)Dave Mitchell
Martin Wall
2008/05/01-04Paris 15e (ASIEM)Max Hulme
Jun Maekawa
Yoshihide Momotani
2007/05/17-20Paris 15e (ASIEM)Dave Brill
Éric Joisel
Seiji Nishikawa
2006/05/25-28La RochelleRomán Díaz
Carlos Gonzáles Santamaría (Halle)
2005/05/05-08Paris 18eChris K. Palmer
Nicolas Terry
2004/05/20-23CharentonNick Robinson
Satoshi Kamiya
2003/05/29-06/01Toulouse (Bagatelle)Joan Sallas
Stephan Weber
2002/05/09-12CharentonRikki Donachie
Fernando Gilgado
2001/05/24-27CharentonPeter Budai
Pasquale d'Auria
2000/06/01-04CharentonYurii & Katrin Shumakov
1999/05/13-16CharentonJeremy Shafer
David Derudas
1998/05/21-25SèvresJohn Montroll
1997/05/08-11Paris 14e (FIAP)Michael LaFosse
1996/05/16-19Nanterre (FIAPAD)Paul Jackson
Alfredo Giunta
1995/05/25-28TroyesDave Brill
1994/05/12-15BiesheimPaulo Mulatinho
Heinz Strobl
1993/05/29-31Toulouse (Amidonniers)Plieurs espagnols
1992/05/16-17Paris 13e (École Estienne)Steve & Megumi Biddle
1991/05/25-26Paris 4e (MIJE)Tomoko Fuse
Philip Shen
1990/05/19-20Paris 12e (MFPP)Thoki Yenn
2018/05/9-12Aix-les-BainsDave Brill, Assia Brill, Alessandra Lamio, Nicolas Terry, Éric Vigier