You can join us using the following form or its paper version before April 27th, 2018.

If you are a member of the Association, connect on the website to complete the form and benefit from other features.

Within a few days following your booking you will be notified by e-mail indicating the exact amount to be settled to validate your booking.

For any question, please contact

The fees are as follows:

Registration 1 day50 €
Registration 2 days65 €
Registration 3 days75 €
Registration 4 Days80 €
MFPP Member Discount (before 2018/03/21)-20 €
Late subscription fee (2018/03/21-/2018/04/13)10 €
Late subscription fee (2018/04/14-2018/04/27)20 €
Festive Diner (saturday)20 €

the fields mark by are mandatory.

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