Volume 3 – Fantastic Origami
Zorg will win but not right away.

The volume 3 - Fantastic Origami of Eric vigier is out.
Zorg will win but not right away.

The extraordinary WIKIZORGFAUNA is the first encyclopaedia on wild animals and companionship of the planet ZORG. Discover all the information on the interstellar animals, the mammals, the oissons, the reptifères, the fishmongers. You will touch with your fingertips what
marvelous world.

Le Pli n° 147 (2017)


  • Textile, pleated and origami by Christophe Curat
  • What is the origami experience? by the group "orilyon"
  • Origami, a promising new direction in art therapy by Larysa Osadchuk
  • Draw easily, freely and methodically his diagrams by Éric Vigier
  • The cocotte stamped by Michel Grand
  • The giant structures of Liang Haisheng by Jean-Jacques Delalandre
  • Where to fold in France


  • Squirrel by Edwin Corrie
  • Kay's Dahlia by Kay Eng
  • The swallow of Eric Vigier

Online supplement

  • Coquelicot d’Éric Vigier


Rencontres de mai 2018 in Aix les Bains

Our 2018 “Rencontres de Mai”, the French Convention will take place at the Congress Centre of Aix-les-Bains from May 10th to 13th.
As special guests, we’ll be pleased to welcome Dave and Assia Brill, Alessandra Lamio, Nicolas Terry and Eric Vigier.
This event will mark the 40th anniversary of the association.


Le Pli n° 146 (2017)

couverture pli 146


  • The 50th anniversary of the British Origami Society by Chantal Prestat
  • Marcoussis meetings by Jean-Jacques Delalandre
  • Three countries and many boxes by Valérie Bigueure and Aurèle Duda
  • The Fröbélienne influence on the Chinese paper folding by Xiaoxian Huang and Joan Sallas
  • Genesis of 170,000 Leprechauns by Paul-Henri Jeannel
  • My little adventure in the wonderful world of origami by Raphaël Maillot
  • The local currency Stork by Aurèle Duda
  • Land animals Origami by Tuan Tu Nguyen by Viviane Berty
  • The doves by Patrice Reytier
  • CfC (Convention for Creators) Lyon 7-9 July 2017 by Viviane Berty
  • Where to fold in France


  • Olympic Rings by Edward Holmes
  • Leprechaun hat by Paul-Henri Jeannel
  • The Whale and Raphael Maillot's boat
  • Hedgehog Viviane Berty
  • Rabbit in a hat by Edwin Corrie
  • Stork Aurèle Duda

Supplément en ligne

  • The British Flag de Mick Guy
  • Union Jack of Jacques Justin


Origami pour Halloween

Stéphane Gigandet discovered origami at almost 40 years old, and it became of the day next day a passion that brings him a lot of joy and pleasure.
He has already created a hundred or so models and has just published his first book which you can get here: Origami for Halloween .
It will soon be available also in the MFPP orithèque.